Monday, February 18, 2008

True Confessions of a Blog-Lurker

So, I've been blog lurking for a few months and contemplating starting my own--so here it is! I will admit my hesitation lies in the fact that it seems most people blog about kids therefore I figured I would have nothing to blog about. But with the addition of a dog-child to our family things have become more interesting and definitely more blog-able!!!

Anyhow, my true desire in blogging is to stay in touch with friends and to reconnect with those I've lost contact with. Hope to see many familiar faces!

我也要一個好好的方法跟我臺灣的好朋友聯絡。 大家好。 我想念你們。


Erin said...

Hey! I am so excited to keep more up to date with you! Yipee! Your pup is getting so big!

Sassy said...

Moose is too cute! You guys have a sweet family. Jade misses her friend though, so you'll have to bring him around soon. And the boys need thier internet friends to comeover and hit them with remotes... hehe.