Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Another one of THOSE days

Is it really possible to have 2 majorly embarrassing, public realizations of an expiration of an important document within 1 month? I submit to you that it is. Unfortunately the experience I had a couple Saturdays ago was worse than the Walmart driver's license experience. Let me set the stage.

I decided to set up an appointment for Adam and me to do initiatories on Saturday morning before the temple is closed for a month. Then I decided to have my parents and brother and sister-in-law attend as well (so it could be thoroughly embarrassing.) So there I am at the front desk and the nice old man said "It looks like your recommend is expired"

Seriously? I am so out of it. So there I am with an appointment and 5 family members and a beet red face. To make a long story short, Adam stayed in the waiting room with me while the rest went on. 5 minutes later Dad and Jeremy show up, apparently they were so busy they couldn't keep the appointment so only Mom and Polly really had anything to do.

We still went out to IHOP, which is now the Knox family tradition after a Saturday temple session and I was able to laugh about the situation. It still took me 2 weeks to be ok talking to the general public about it. I decided that Adam is going to need to start keeping track of these things for me.


Kristie said...

Oh no I am glad they were busy anyway. I am waiting for Friday! So do tell how did you get your blog to show when the last updates per blog were? I need that.

Adam & Jetta said...

Kristie, It's a new function I just became aware of too, under layout, then Add page element, there is a new layout specifically for adding blogs. Let me know if you need any help with it!

Kristie said...

Thanks I figured it cool is that is saves me so much time checking blogs. You know I am waiting waiting waiting and hoping for AWESOME news!