Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My side of the story!-- at least what I can remember

As I'm sure you've all gathered from reading Adam's post things went really quickly. So quickly and intense in fact that a lot of what happened in that 2 hour block is a blur.

After our marathon walks over 2 days on the greenbelt (which felt great by the way) I remember just feeling tired and sure that I was going to have to settle in for another week before delivering. But when contractions started late that afternoon I was elated.

Elation quickly turned to pure terror as the contractions started piling on. No more than 3 minutes apart and lasting close to 1 minute each. All along I had hoped to labor at home in a comfortable environment as long as possible so I wouldn't have to be at the hospital for too long. I realized within about 5 contractions that I wasn't going to make it long at home. Within about 25 minutes of my contractions starting I felt intense pressure and the need to push. I knew this couldn't be right. No way I was that far along already, and there was no way I could endure this for who knows how many more hours. So I informed Adam that we had to leave for the hospital NOW.

The trip was apparently eventful. I was so focused on not pushing and making it through each contraction that I don't remember much. Suddenly we were there and, though Adam found a great parking spot, the distance from the car to the elevator seemed impassable. Yet somehow I found myself sitting in the triage area trying to have coherent conversations with the all too chipper nurses. When the nurse radioed the delivery room to let them know to expect me I was sure I hadn't heard her correctly. There was no way it was time already. I remember trying to make a joke (which I'm sure wasn't funny) and being wheeled down the hall to the delivery room.

Once in the delivery room things begin to get really fuzzy for me. I was in some kind of altered state. I remember the nurses wanted me to switch beds, put in an IV and tell them how I was feeling. Between contractions, my hands going numb (apparently from hyperventilation) and my legs shaking uncontrollably I couldn't really think about anything else. I was aware there were people in the room, I remember telling a nurse I had to push and she said the doctor wasn't here yet and I should wait. HA, like that even felt like an option at that point. Adam did great. His voice was the only thing I really remember through the fog. I somehow made it through the next 20 minutes while we waited for the doctor.

Things get even fuzzier at this point. All I remember is pain, Adam's voice and the doctor's voice. I also remember exclaiming at one point "It hurts, why does it hurt so bad?" That must have been very amusing for everyone else in the room. Even now thinking about it, I can't help but chuckle, of course it hurts!

Once I had delivered Jacob's head and shoulders that doctor instructed me to give him my hands. He placed my hands under Jacob's arms and told me to pull. I couldn't believe it. It was the most amazing, surreal experience to help deliver my own child. As I pulled him up to lay on my chest and discovered it was a boy I was pretty sure things couldn't be any better. Things had happened so quickly and I was so amazingly overjoyed. As they took Jacob away to clean him the adrenaline really kicked in as I said "I feel amazing."

It wasn't until about 1 AM the next morning that things quieted down and I had time to really process the day and consider everything that had happened. Of course I would have much rather been asleep but I was still too overwhelmed by the day.

Grandma and Grandpa Jensen

Some shots from the newborn photo shoot that my cousin Tara did for us.

Jacob and 3 of his cousins, Joy, Emily and Ammon.

Moose and his boy

4 generations of Knox men!


Erin said...

Wow, that is so amazing that your body just knew how to do everything and that you actually could say you felt amazing. My sister screamed out "I'm a crazed animal" during her labor, so your insight to it hurting is normal. Congratulations again! He is beautiful.

Stephanie said...

That is amazing you got to help deliver the baby by pulling. I've never heard of that, and I'm sure it was amazing. I'm glad the experience was so wonderful for you.

Peter and Jen Bell said...

I love both versions of the story! You're going to love that you have this all written down someday. Congratulations again!

♥The Balzens♥ said...

He is so adorable! It makes me so impatient to see my own! Enjoy every minute of it!

Rosemary said...

Congratulations! He sure is cute. We are very happy for you all.

Nephi and Ruby Jensen said...

We are so excited for you!! It was fun to read how each of you had a different slant on the same amazing event. I have never heard of helping to deliver your own baby...Wow,what a memoral experience!
He is adorable...great work!!