Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I forgot Halloween!

I totally spaced posting any Halloween pictures.
My sis-in-law let me borrow a chicken costume which was adorable.  Adam wasn't sold on it though.  He said he could go as Foghorn Leghorn in a pinch.

But when we found a skeleton costume that doubled as a sweatsuit it was decided.   Either way I think he looks cute!


Kristie said...

you are right, both cute!

vfg said...

Lovely lovely little man!

In case you don't see my answer on my blog, again!:

Jetta: I used non-toxic, watered-down acrylics for my color, then coated them with a homemade beeswax blend, a 5:1 mix of beeswax & mineral oil that I saw recommended on several woodworking websites for as food-safe. I think I ended up increasing the mineral oil content to make it easier to work with (a thick paste that I rubbed on, let dry for an hour or so, then buffed off). When I was at IKEA yesterday, I bought a tung oil/linseed oil (+) mixture in the BEHANDLA series that is supposed to be food safe, too, so I think I'll try that if I get to my wood projects ever again...