Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Memorial Day

I walked by some iris's a couple of weeks ago and had a sudden intense wave of emotion.  For as long as I can remember Memorial Day meant cleaning my Grandmother's grave and after my Grandfather passed, his as well.  It also meant bringing iris's and other flowers from our garden to decorate the graves.  This is why I had an intense wave of grief wash over me when I walked by some iris's the other day.  I guess I will forever associate them with this time of year and with grieving the relationship I will never have with my Grandparents.

 This Memorial Day was the first one since Adam's grandfather passed away in the fall.  We hiked up the huge hill at the Veteran's Cemetery to visit the Scattering Garden and found his marker on the hill.
I wish for their relationship to always be this simple.
Moose being patriotic

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Rosemary said...

Well said! We need to find time to enjoy the simple pleasures of LIFE!