Thursday, May 29, 2008


Went to check on the dog to find this:
Vampire Hunting Dog

I don't know if other dogs are possessive about sticks, but Moose loves his sticks. Now I normally wouldn't care but lately when he chews on sticks he swallows large enough pieces that it makes him vomit later :( So, I took it away from him... only to get this response:

Followed by this response:

We wrestled the stick away from him to find he had whittled the end to a nice point. It was then we realized Moose had become a hunting dog... a vampire hunting dog that is. This helps explain the need to always have a stake around, the sleeping all day and the reason he always wins tug-of-war.

So vampires beware! Although Moose snoozes this afternoon, tonight... he hunts!

1 comment:

ej said...

LOL- too funny! At least the sticks are free right? But then again, so is the dog-barf later...He prefers a stick to say, a rawhide bone??? Love the pic of him sleeping btw.