Friday, May 2, 2008

Luck o' the Scottish

So, I was supposed to start some fertility treatments this month. Was getting all excited and geared up for it. Went in on Tuesday to do some blood tests and got a call Tuesday afternoon that went something like this:

Nurse: Your test results came back, everything seems normal (thyroid, hormone levels etc). However, your results show that you aren't immune to Rubella.


Nurse: blah, blah, blah.. something about the risks of getting rubella while pregnant basically killing my baby. And something else about it not being likely as there have been very few cases of rubella in the last decade. (Honestly I tuned out a little bit, trying to figure out just exactly how I wasn't immune to Rubella, )

Me: Ok, what does that mean?

Nurse: Well, you can go ahead with the treatments as long as you are aware of the risks OR you can go get immunized and we will have to wait at least 1 month to start your treatments.

Me: But, I've had my shots, I swear.

Nurse: Apparently the shot didn't work for you. :(

Me: Ok?!?

Nurse: Make sure to call our office if you've decided to go get your shots so we can cancel all your appointments this month.

Me: Ok?!?

Nurse: Have a nice day.

Me: Ya, ok, right. thanks, bye.

I hang up the phone and Adam is browsing all my immunization records (both the huge list of shots I had before I went to Taiwan, and the one's I had as a child) Sure enough I had my whole round of shots as a child. However, I was 1 of the 4 children who must have been improperly vaccinated. I don't think I've ever really been a statistic before. Yay!... I mean, why did it have to be this one?

This is me after the phone call debating my options:

After some long hard thought I decided to go the safe route. I mean I am only spending a small fortune to try and get pregnant and with my apparent luck I would be the ONE in a million who would contract congenital rubella and spend the rest of my life knowing that I had not prevented something so horrible. My mother already feels enough guilt for the both of us (she called me today to tell me all the times she was sure I had been immunized and to tell me that she really is a good mother. I know you're reading this mom and I don't blame you :) It's not your fault! You ARE a good mother.) After all, what is one more month, really.

So, I got my shot today, the lady at the CDHD thought I was crazy. She also brought up my immunization record to show that I had already received the shots. She hands me a little record with the stamps they use etc, and in the description under MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) it says "A second dose may be needed in some people." No, way! For real? After convincing her that I was here for a rubella shot she complied, psychedelic band-aid and all. Now we just have to see if it works this time, what do you think my odds are that it won't work and I won't be immune? I'm not going to push it with my luck recently. (see previous post if you're not quite convinced about my lack of luck)

Now hopefully I won't have to stock up on Rubella-Be-Gone for my pregnancy. Wish me luck!


Kristie said...

I was tested when pregnant with Grant and I should I needed this shot as well. I, however, was already pregnant so I got it after he was born. So what treatments are you doing first? Are there any other family blogs I don't know about?

The Crowley's said...

Ok, this is crazy- last night I was totally thinking about you and Adam and I wanted to call and talk, then this morning my mom called and asked if we would fast for you as you are going through this process, then I find out you have a cool blog because you comment on mine- so anyway now that it is 11:00 pm- way past my bedtime- I have decided that we do need to really talk- I'll call you! I sound really strange only because I am super tired so sorry, talk to you soon, Amber

Erin said...

I'm glad you opted for the immunization because there have been cases of Rubella here. And I would hate if you came to visit me and you were pregnant and then contracted Rubella. But now you can come visit! Oh, and get pregnant without the baby being harmed by some ancient disease. :)

ej said...

Well, with luck like this who needs to play the lottery?! I am so excited/hopeful for you guys starting these treatments!!!

Jetta said...

Kristie: I don't think there are any other blogs you don't know about :) I'm starting with clomid, and IUI (Intrauterine insemination) for 3 months, then more tests if it doesnt' work, then 3 more months, then more tests, then on to Invitro if I'm no pregnant by then.

Amber: Do call me, would love to talk :) And I know it's too late, but the fast was moved back 1 more month. Hoping to call for a family fast in June now that I'm having to wait 'til then.

Erin W: When my blood test comes back positive for immunity for Rubella I'm totally booking a flight to come see you, oh and hopefully getting pregnant! How does next summer sound? You'll be in a new house by then, right?

Erin J: Thanks! I figured I've used up all my bad luck by now, so things should be looking up about now for me... but i'm not holding my breath!

Rebecca said...

BOO! awful, awful tale, friend.

i am glad, however, to see you have found solace in bret's angry dance.

keep on keepin' on, and let us know if we can do anything (even if it includes bringing over some ben and jerry's--i hear we're good at that).

Moscow Mom said...

You poor thing! I've been thinking about you and so sorry that you're having to go through all this.

To answer your question, Cassie went to CHS with us, but she graduated a year after us.

Keep us posted on everything!

Jaimee said...

Jetta! Okay, so I've got to say that even though we've been in the same ward for it feels like forever, I've never taken to opportunity to get to know you. It was fun to find your blog though... it's like a little peek into you! Very fun! I am sorry to hear about your troubles and I hope that everything works out for you. I'll keep you in my prayers. Hugs!

Kristie said...

Thanks for the info. IF sucks :(. I also started with lots of test including HSG (dye test to check for blockages) and all the blood tests on cycle day 3. Then we went on to just clomid and then added clomid+IUI. Our RE recommended clomid+IUI and then if that didn't work to move right to IVF. They usually only recommended 3-4 clomid cycles but I talked the RE into a 5th. They never found anything wrong with us to explain why we were not getting pregnant. The cycle we got pregnant with Leah was out last cycle before IVF. Our RE recommended skipping injectables because they result in more multiple pregnancies and cost WAY more than clomid. Plus they only slightly increase your chances over clomid. He recommended going right to IVF because it increased your chance significantly.

I would like recommend the follow on-line site:

Here are my stats:
3 day blood work NORMAL

3/11/06 First Clomid
(50mg) Cycle - Failed

4/11/06 2nd Clomid (50mg)
Cycle 1st IUI Cycle - Failed

5/10/06 3rd Clomid (100mg)
Cycle 2nd IUI Cycle - Failed

6/10/06 4th Clomid (100mg)
Cycle 3rd IUI - Failed

7/11/06 Natural IUIs...- Failed

8/09/06 Natural cycle again

9/08/06 5th Clomid (150mg)
Cycle 4th IUI - IT WORKED

We tried for 12 cycles before seeing a RE (checking and everything for 12 cycles). It took 9 cycle after seeing a RE to finally get pregnant. We had 2 months of testing before we started treatments.

I hope the best for you and Adam. I know how much it sucks (((HUGS)))

Krisser said...

Hey there old friend! I was so excited to come across your blog- I can't believe your wacky luck- how stinkin' frustrating, but if that's what has to happen for you to post footloose remake videos from youtube- so be it.