Thursday, June 5, 2008


I've been hesitant to blog again today. Mostly because that would be the 3rd time in a week, and two days in a row. I think that officially makes me a blogger. I'm ok with that. The problem I have is I am just beginning to realize that I have opened up the most private parts of my life to the whole world... Ok, maybe the "WHOLE WORLD" is a little drastic--I'm pretty sure I know everyone who actually reads this! If not, drop me a note--then you can confirm my "Whole World" theory. So I consider the consistency with which I have been blogging recently to be a milestone.

Other recent milestones:
Moose's obedience class graduation

He hates the hat!
This marks the end of a 10 week class and free Monday nights again. I think all 3 of us learned a lot and Moose's behavior has markedly improved. Although training class is over, the real training has only just begun!

Jordan's graduation
My "little" (6'6") brother graduated. I don't put this after Moose's post because it's less important, only because it happened the day after :).
This marks the end of an era. The last child in my family to graduate high school, start college, and go on a mission within the next year. It's still weirding me out a little.

Ammon's graduation
My 6 year old nephew graduates from Kindergarten today. I don't have a picture to post but I'm sure he looks handsome.

That's a lot of graduations.


Moscow Mom said...

Moose is one cute graduate! (I can't imagine him enjoying the hat, I hated the hat when we had to wear it for our CHS graduation!)

The Crowley's said...

you are brave to open up to the world, but we love it, my life can be pretty boring so two posts in two days is great excitement for me!