Tuesday, June 10, 2008

One of those days

You know what I'm talking about right? One of those days.

I went out yesterday morning with a few errands I had to run, and some birthday money to spend on myself!!!

First stop: Walmart. Had to get a few groceries, some notebooks for Adam's summer classes, and most importantly--the one thing I had to do was get Adam's allergy medication. I walk up to the pharmacy and have to hand over my driver's license in order to get the medication. She takes one quick look at it and says "It's expired" Then gives me that look. You know, the one that makes you want to crawl in a corner? I'm pretty sure it made me flush. So, embarrassedly I pay for my other things, and head out of the store. If my birthday is in early May, then I've been driving around for the last month with an expired license.

So, all other errands are put on hold until I can acquire a new license. I head down to the DMV on Chinden only to find out they don't do licenses there. So, I stop by home to drop off my chocolate chips (don't want them to melt in the warm car while I wait forever in line at the DMV) and to have some lunch. Thinking if I wait until after 1:00 the line won't be so bad. No such luck. I get to the licensing department on Barrister. There must be at least 50 people in the large waiting room. I get my ticket. #244. Look at the number board, they are on #186. Seriously? So, I settle in for a long wait realizing I didn't bring anything to read, or knit or keep me busy in any fashion, so I started texting Adam to keep me sane. It only took about 15 minutes for a seat to open up for me and about an hour later my number is finally called!!!

I then rushed to buy Adam and myself some new running shoes. And to purchase my brother's graduation present, only to find out when I got home that I got the wrong thing.

By that time I was broke and spent. But, I think my picture turned out pretty good :) What do you think?The nice thing about Idaho is you can get an 8 year license. However, I think it's only fair they should ask you that question after you view your picture.


Erin said...

Good picture! I wish mine was that good. Bill and I went to get ours together which meant we had the two kids too! I was way spent by the end of that line. Was this your first renewal? I'm jealous of the new running shoes. What kind did you get? I haven't had new ones for over 5 years. About time! It was nice chatting with you today:)

ej said...

That is a great picture- you officially can't move from Idaho for the next 8 years. The bangs are so becoming to your face shape, love it!!!

Rebecca said...

fab-o picture. i once had a really great license picture, so much so that the worker at a store in DC took the time to tell me how great it was (how often does that happen?!?). then i got married. i blame jesse for my currently awful license picture.

so, what i'm saying is, fabulous picture. well worth the wait.

MKB said...

Just so you know yes the whole wide world does read your blog...or maybe not but I found you and decided I was going to keep up on your life...you have definitely cracked me up.

and the picture does look fan-tab-ulous