Sunday, August 24, 2008

Birthday Bash

We've been meaning to camp all summer and kept putting it off. Adam and a group of his best friends decided to plan a trip to Anderson Dam that happened to coincide with Adam's birthday. So, we spent the weekend up at a great campsite near the Dam. We decided to take the dog and find out if he was a camper . It turns out Moose LOVES camping. I don't think I have seen a dirtier, busier, happier dog in my life.

Our friend Paul took this snapshot on our last night at the campfire. Shortly after the photo Moose decided he'd had enough and put himself to bed.
It was a great reprieve and just having 1 day off was amazingly refreshing. Thanks Jessie for covering work for me!!!

On the topic of Moose, we took him on another adventure yesterday. It was the last Saturday morning Adam was going to have available before the semester started (he has a Sat. class, boo). So we decided to head down to the Capitol City Market to get one of those cool French butter dishes and we decided to take Moose along. Our only apprehension is that Moose still gets very easily excited around people.

However, he did really well. Within minutes of actually hitting 8th street Moose had a line of admirers who had questions and remarks and wanted to pet him and Moose performed well for all his fans. It turned out the most traumatic part of the experience was the elevator in the parking garage. I have never seen him so low to the ground or more unhappy about me making him go somewhere.

I hope to have more baby updates after my doctor's appointment tomorrow. I told Adam the other day that after going to the doctor at least every 2 weeks, the last 4 weeks without going the the doctor's office have seemed rather strange.


Kristie said...

Sounds like a fun camping/birthday bash!

Angie said...

He's so cute, love that picture of him by the fire.

Webbs said...

Jetta, looking for your email address for the reunion next summer. Hoping you could email it to me at

Brooke (Jones)