Friday, September 5, 2008

Pregnancy Brain

Recent events have found me feeling a little bit like this guy:

I know most people complain of forgetfulness etc. My problem is obsessing. Like clockwork almost every night I wake up with something on my mind (very random things) that I then continue to obsess about for approx. 1 hour before I can put it to rest and fall back asleep. Earlier in the week it was about doing a craft project that included painting rocks to look like ladybugs, last night it was about going back to school, the week before that it was about smocking and getting to Art in the Park to see if the vendor who did smocking would be there from last year. Seriously it's starting to drive me crazy. Normally I can write things down, talk myself out of thinking about them and go back to sleep so I can do my normal obsessive thinking during daylight hours. Not anymore, it's taking over my brain and I feel like I have no control over it!

What are your pregnancy brain experiences?

P.S. I've found you don't necessarily have to be pregnant to experience this phenomenon. Maybe it's hormone based? I myself had a very forgetful time on my mission (ok most of my mission) when I actually wasn't having any signs of normal monthly womanly behavior (aka I didn't have my period for like a year) So, don't be shy about sharing your "pregnancy brain" experiences even if you never have been or are not currently with child.


Angie said...

Ahhh, yes. It's encouraging because my brain wasn't as much "oatmealy" after the baby was born; but it does happen. A couple weeks ago, I had Carter on my hip, lunch was on the stove and I went to go change a channel on the tv. Later I couldn't find the remote, and I ended up finding it in the freezer. (I guess I put it in there when I took out the veggies to cook for lunch!) It's always fun to laugh during the day, I suppose! (not funny at the time, but it's hilarious after) Hope you're still feeling okay.

Monte and Brittany said...

i remember just breaking down crying for EVERYTHING! that was my pregnancy embarassing thing.
like one time i got out some spice for the meal i was making and dropped it and it spilt everywhere... i have a melt down! haha

ej said...

It must be hormonal, my little sis consistently locks her keys in the car in a monthly cycle. And I have too many lapses to count (couldn't if I wanted to I suppose) I just know that my mind has never recovered :( I get anxiety when preggers and right after really is annoying!!! I just want to sleep!!!

Erin said...

I get insomnia. It is kind of like your thing with waking up at night but my mind is thinking about a million things at once and I can't get it to stop. Then I think about how I am hungry, thirsty and need to pee. It takes me a good hour before I can get into bed again, and then a while before I can get back to sleep. I wake up in the morning and think "I am so glad I was able to get to sleep sometime last night!"

Krisser said...

Mine has been lost since I got preggo the first time- and it's never come back (7 years later)- better luck to you my friend!

Hey! Is it OK with you if I list your blog on the blog role for the Centennial Reunion Blog? (Wow- three mentions of blog in one short sentence- I is a brain!) Let me know-

Tarah said...

Congrats on being pregnant! How amazing.
May this year be a huge blessing.

I was so sick when I was pregnant, I don't know if I could think at all. During our adoption process, I was over analyzing everything. :)