Thursday, September 18, 2008

Things that make me happy!

I'm planning on making this a series of posts over many days of things that truly make me happy. Of course they are in no particular order. This one is first because I already happen to have the picture on my computer!

Misa & Fam

I am sure we all have people in our lives that truly change us. Misa is one of those people for me. So, when I thought for sure I had lost contact with her only to receive this picture in the mail, it made me truly happy. Not only because I was sure my address for her was correct and that she had my current address etc, but more than anything because of what I know the picture represents both to her and to me. Besides, look at those chubby cheeks, have you ever seen a cuter baby? I think not. (and she said he was born in March!)

I'm sure you're all dying to hear some backstory. This could take awhile!

I first saw Misa's picture (this sounds like a love story, lol) in President Young's office during a leadership meeting for trainers of new missionaries. She was not yet on the island, but was scheduled to arrive with a new set of missionaries in a couple of months. The moment I saw her I felt connected to her. I couldn't explain it, I just knew that we were going to be companions. So, when the call came to train again the feeling was again brought to my mind. I went to President's house for dinner with all the new missionaries and trainers not knowing yet who I was going to be training. I spent most of the time trying to converse with Sister Kobari (Misa). Her chinese was difficult to understand and her vocab was limited, her english was even worse. But, in those few moments she shared her testimony and I felt it so strongly.

Over the course of 3 months or so that she was my companion we tried everything we could to communicate. She consistently carried around 2 different dictionaries-- Japanese to English and Japanese to Chinese. She amazed me with her diligence in studying the language all with the intent of being able to share her testimony. I have never met a more powerful, dedicated, charitable person in such a tiny package.

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Nephi & Ruby Jensen said...

Great story and wonderful memory from your misson!
Hope all is well with you. We are excited about the baby-to-be!