Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Motherhood = insanity.

The night Jacob was born Adam said “We should have a little girl too!”  To which I responded, “Talk to me in a few years.”  After having Jacob home for a few weeks I decided that I was never going to do it again.  One kid was enough, more than enough.  Who would ever be crazy enough to have more than one kid?  Pregnancy I can do again, even childbirth I would do again, but having another tiny little soul who drained me completely physically, emotionally and sometimes spiritually was way more than I could ever imagine.  

Fast-forward a year.  Jacob finally learned how to sleep through the night (what a difference that made in my sanity).  Jacob is becoming increasingly independent and somehow is still cuter everyday.  The payback of the intense nurturing of the first year is paying off.  Jacob's hugs, smiles, laughs and curiosity have filled my life with more awe and wonder then I ever could have imagined and somewhere in my heart the yearning for another has begun.  You know, that tug you feel when you see a newborn, the ache you feel when you look at your not-so-little baby.  I can tell it’s not yet time yet because the ache and tugs don’t over-ride the voice in my head that says “ARE YOU CRAZY?”  

Yes, I still remember the really long nights, the pain, the emotional roller coaster and I am currently experiencing how the game changes everyday with an ever learning toddler, yet somehow I am insane enough to consider doing it again… in the not-so-distant future.   Call me crazy, call me a mother. 

Happy Mother's Day to all the fellow crazies out there!


Rosemary said...

All I can do is SMILE :-)

Esmer said...

I happened to come across your page and found your post a little reassuring. I am currently debating on having another baby. Lol. I REALLY am happy with only one, but my husband wishes for another one. (Hence my dilemma). Just wanted to share. Best of luck!! ;-)