Thursday, February 16, 2012

Not even going to try

To update pictures or events for the last oh, year+.  But, I am going to make a soft commitment to be here more often.  I am thinking once a week (but only really willing to commit to once a month for now).

The problem is though that I really need to journal more often and I find it so much faster and easier to journal on the computer.  But I so much prefer to read a hand written one.  Ah, the quandary.  So, I am going to try a combination.  I will post here with pictures and goings on updates with the occasional sappy post I am prone to but try to keep the too personal info to my hand written journal.

So it commences.
Here is Jake enjoying his extra larger hershey kiss from his Grams for Valentines Day.

Here is the dog doing what he does best.

We are settling into our new house, but still have lots to do.  Jake turns 3 next week and is officially not my baby anymore.
We were rear-ended on Monday on our way to PoJos that will likely result in my car being totaled.  I am sad about losing that car.  I have so many memories associated with it and it was the first major purchase that Adam and I made together.  However, in the bigger scheme of things I am just extremely grateful that all 3 of us are ok.

See you all again real soon! (for real)


ej said...

I'm all for soft commitments :) It's good to see you on here, I've missed your blog!

Erin said...

Love seeing Jake!! I can't believe he is going to be three already. I can't believe that Taite is almost three too. Did you buy a house?