Monday, March 17, 2008

Been Tagged

What were you doing 10 years ago?
1998?.... let's see, I was almost 17, a junior at Centennial, I was finally coming to terms with the fact that I was never going to be "cool" and had seriously considered becoming the first Mormon nun, until I met this great guy that I was trying not to give my heart to because he wasn't a member of my faith--who I was trying to share the gospel with (glad that worked out!)
What were you doing 5 years ago?
2003-- I was in 新謍 (XinYing) Taiwan, working hard, and having a great time. I met some of the greatest people there.
5 things on my to-do list today:
Work-- luckily don't have much to do there!
Work on packing up some books
submit change of address form
wait anxiously for my new t-shirts to come in the mail
help my dad lay carpet tack and pad
What snacks I enjoy:
Would probably be easier to list snacks I don't enjoy, but here goes, chocolate, popcorn, chips, salsa, fruit, vegetables, anything that's not gross :), and water
What would I do if I suddenly became a billionaire?
Buy a house with lots of land, go back to school, pay off family members homes and debt, travel the world, start my own company, invest some, and give everything else away.
Three bad habits?
Like I have any bad habits, even if I did I wouldn't tell you things like I put off balancing my checkbook as long as possible, I can be very overbearing and direct, and I normally wear my clothes out of a basket because I hate to fold!
5 Places I have lived:
Boise- born and bred
FengShan Taiwan
XinYing Taiwan
XiaoGang Taiwan
5 jobs I've had:
Idaho Statesman Carrier
Computer Lab nerd
Stitcher for the Idaho Shakespeare Festival
Office Assistant for my dad
5 things you don't know about me:
I am not named after the car
Because I work from home sometimes I don't shower until after noon (today will likely be one of those days, tmi?)
I am not a morning person
I could spend all day trying to think of something interesting or funny but I don't think I'll come up with anything--
I tag:
Adam and anyone else who wants to do it--


2P and Super B said...

Hey, I worked at JoAnns too! I am also not named after a car and I sometimes don't shower until later in the day (like was almost 3 o clock.) lol.
It is fun to learn more about you though!

Elasti-Mom said...

I agree with Becca, it's fun to learn more about you! Hey, if you're not sick of tags, I tagged you on my blog today. Have fun!

Suzy said...

I hereby witness that you were, indeed, "cool." Though I probably would have joined your convent if you had started one. I didn't know you were moving! Where are you going? You are hot.

Sassy said...

10 years ago - Working and already raising two kids. (what was I thinking) :)

5 years ago - living in hell (Las Vegas), I miss the family but not the town. And on my way to raising three kids (yes, I have a problem)

Things on my to do list - finish college (finally!), adopt one more kid (I know i'm sick), loose weight, try and relax..hehe

Snacks - isn't that a major food group.

Billionaire - the same as you and maybe add a couple more kids (adoption of course).

Places I have lived -
Las Vegas
Boise - my new home

What don't you know about me -
Also, not a morning person at all
Love Opera
Used to write poetry
Read an occasional time-traveling romance novel. (don't share that one to often)
Named after two clothing lines (my mom combined her two favorites; neither I have ever heard of)

This is late but I'm new to this blogger stuff and hadn't been checking it :)