Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stuff I (Adam) did while our PC's were in the shop

This is Adam's first official post (that I'm posting for him)

Bored in class one day he made a list of stuff he had done during the week our computers were in the shop. So, without further adieu!

Stuff I Did While My PC Was In The Shop

#1 - Watched a lot of TV: Thanks to the time spent watching TV my destiny has been unfolded and my true calling is to either be a crab fisherman on the Baltic Sea (Thank you, Deadliest Catch) or a dicey stripper who falls in love with Poison frontman Brett Michaels (How I adore you, Rock of Love. Let me count the ways...)

#2 - Studied: Meh.

#3 - Got hit by a drunk driver: Well, my parked car at least. 2am wake up calls by the Boise Police Dept. aren't any fun, in case anyone was wondering. The repairs will be expensive, but Drinky McDrinksalot was insured and the only casualty was Norman the Lawn Gargoyle. Felony DWI ftl.

#4 - Trained the dog: Moose can now fall asleep on the bed or beg shamelessly for pieces of apple or cheese on cue. Jetta and I are very proud.

#5 - Read: Or rather, listened. Audio books ftw! Topic to discuss - Is it pronounced The Sword of Shaa-nar-ah or The Sword of Shan-ah-rah?

#6 - Woodwork(ed?): I made a shelf. A flat piece of wood, cut two times. Behold my mad, mad woodshop skizzles!

#7 - Shot stuff: Seth and I ventured into the desert and asserted our dominance over various pieces of paper.

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Sam and Lacey said...

Hello Jetta!
(I know this is Adam's post, so I should probably say hello to Adam too!) I've been wondering about you two, so I'm glad to see you are "madly in love." Your post on SuperOvulation made me laugh.
Lacey (Mitchell) Scott